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Founded in July 2017, keshangxian is a technical partnership serving the early Internet startup project. Our team comes from domestic front-line Internet companies such as alibaba, netease, xiaomi, Vipshop and xiaohongshu. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and has a branch in wuhan. We are good at implementing platform building and product operation guidance from "0 to 1". Services include blockchain applications, SaaS, e-commerce, enterprise Internet +, Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. We adopt the method of rapid iteration and data decision to reduce the overall implementation cost of the system. By virtue of the team's accumulation in various industries and rich experience in Internet products, we provide partners with technical partner-like lean development services to create sustainable value. The mission of going online is to provide enterprises with internet-thinking product technology solutions and create new value for each customer. To achieve faster and better growth and upgrading of enterprises.


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We are an Internet team with extensive product and technology experience. The team members have work experience in many fields, such as blockchain, e-commerce, SaaS service, finance, games, artificial intelligence, etc., and have strong professional background in product analysis, product consulting, project development, technology innovation, etc., as well as rich product technology experience.

Institute of KSX

Provide online training courses, the founder of their business model have a more clear understanding, at the same time, link good mentors at home and abroad, in the consumer market and capital market depth study and analysis, and quickly adjust enterprise and product function, avoid entrepreneurs detour, founder to diversified growth for enterprises.

Startup Squirrel

Organized by local volunteers who are eager to share, have passion and vitality, 200 smart and interesting people with entrepreneurial ideas gather around every weekend. They may be product managers, programmers, designers, etc., and they will vote on the spot and form a team to conduct the project roadshow after brainstorm. Make your startup idea a reality from 0 to 1.

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  • Huaxin office center, no.711, yishan road, xuhui district, Shanghai
  • keshangxian@126.com
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